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Liquid Refreshments
Get boozy in Phoenix



AleSmith (San Diego, CA): Party Tricks IPA 6.8% | $6.00

AleSmith (San Diego, CA): West Peak IPA 6.7% | $7.50

Simple Machine (Phoenix, AZ): Dark Side of the Mash 6.5% | $9.00

The Beer Shop (Tempe, AZ): Church Music Juicy IPA 6.7% | $8.00

Light n' Refreshing

Fate Brewing (Scottsdale, AZ): Modern Pils 5.5% | $7.50

Simple Machine (Phoenix, AZ): Camper Red 5.8% | $8.75

Telluride Brewing (Telluride, CO): Cash Money 5.2% | $5.00

Wren House (Phoenix, AZ): Valley Beer 3.8% | $6.50

Fruity n' Fun

2 Towns Cider House (Corvallis, OR): Cosmic Crisp 8.0% | $6.00

AleSmith (San Diego, CA): LimeBerry Twist Gose Ale 4.7% | $3.00

Blake's Hard Cider Co (Armada, MI): Peach Party 6.5% | $5.00

Blake's Hard Cider Co (Armada, MI): Rainbow Seeker 5.5% | $5.00

Blake's Hard Cider Co (Armada, MI): El Chavo 6.5% | $4.00

Prairie Artisan Ales (Oklahoma City, OK): Blueberry Boyfriend 5.4% | $6.00

Prairie Artisan Ales (Oklahoma City, OK): Rainbow Sherbet 5% | $6.50

Prairie Artisan Ales (Oklahoma City, OK): Seasick Crocodile 6% | $3.00

Prairie Artisan Ales (Oklahoma City, OK): Tiny Esses 5.9% | $6.00

Prairie Artisan Ales (Oklahoma City, OK): Vape Tricks 6% | $5.00

Roses by the Stairs (Phoenix, AZ): Great Sunshine 3.8% | $8.50

Six Bryd (Phoenix, AZ): Hazy Apple 7% | $9.75

Deep n' Dark

Telluride Brewing (Telluride, CO): Ski in Ski Stout 5.8% | $5.00



Kentucky Sunshine: whiskey, lemon syrup, a house made lemon Earl Grey tea, and maple syrup.  Topped with a fresh lemon wheel.  $7.00

Gemini Bloom: sparkle vodka, lemon juice, prebiotic lemon-lime soda, and grenadine.  Topped with a pressed flower and lemon.  $6.00

Red Sangria: juicy red wine, boozy peaches, mixed berries, pineapple, & a lil' fizz all in a big ol' jar.  $10.00

Siren's Garden: peaflower gin, blue curacao, oj, lemon syrup, and apricot marmalade, topped with an orchid!  $9.00

The Cultured Margarita: tequila,  lime-gave, orange juice, mango kombucha, with a chamoy and tajin rim.  Topped with a lime.  $9.00

When Dove's Cry: tequila, grapefruit juice, lime syrup, prebiotic grapefruit soda, with a salt rim and lime twist.  $7.00

Wine Spritzer: red or white wine and lemon syrup topped with a dried lemon garnish.  $6.00

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