Liquid Refreshments
Get boozy in Phoenix



Breakside (Portland): Rainbows & Unicorns Session IPA 5.1%/ 4.75

Breakside (Portland): Wanderlust IPA 6.2%/ 7.00

Coronado Brewing (Coronado): Palm Sway IPA 6.5%/5.00

Dragoon Brewing (Tucson): Dragoon IPA 7.3%/ 6.75

Odell Brewing Co (Fort Collins):  Mountain Standard IPA 6.5%/ 4.25

Prairie Artisan (Oklahoma City): Phantasmagoria 8%/6.00

The Beer Shop (Tempe): Church Music Juicy IPA 6.7%/8.00

Throne (Glendale): 1-800-273-Talk Hazy IPA 6%/6.00

Light n' Refreshing

Dragoon Brewing (Tucson): Dragoon Pils 4.6%/ 6.00

Dragoon Brewing (Tucson): Refraction Ale 5.7%/4.50

Dragoon Brewing (Tucson): Santa Cruz'r 4.9%/4.50

Great Divide Brewing Co (Denver): Colette Farmhouse Ale 6.5%/ 4.00

Montucky (Bozeman): Montucky Cold Snacks 4.1%/ 2.00

Radebergery (Germany): Zwickelbier 4.8%/3.50

Fruity n' Fun

Destihl Brewery (Normal): Salted Watermelon Gose 5.2%/ 5.25

Huss Brewing Co (Tempe): Papago Orange Blossom 5%/ 4.00

Odell Brewing Co (Fort Collins): Sippin Pretty 4.5%/ 4.25

Prairie Artisan (Oklahoma City): Rainbow Sherbet 5.2%/ 6.00

Prairie Artisan (Oklahoma City): Sneaky Suspicion 5%/6.00

Schilling Cider House (Portland)*: Chaider 6.5%/5.50

Schilling Cider House (Portland)*: Excelsior Imperial Cider 8.5%/ 4.50

Schilling Cider House (Portland)*: Local Legend Semi-Sweet Cider 5.2%/ 4.75

State 48 (Phoenix): Mango Wheat 5%/4.00

Topo Chico (Tempe)*: Hard Seltzer Tall Boy 4.7%/ 6.50

Two Pitchers Brewing (Oakland): Blood Orange Radler 5.1%/ 4.00

Two Pitchers Brewing (Oakland): Nordic Jam 5.2%/ 4.00

Deep n' Dark

Stay tuned for some new additions...

*gluten free


The Cultured Margarita: blanco tequila, agave, lime, Synergy Gingerade kombucha, & fresh Cara Cara orange juice.  $10.00

Sangria: juicy red wine, boozy peaches, mixed berries, pineapple, & a lil' fizz all in a big ol' jar.  $10.00

Frankly n' Soda: Frankly Organic Vodka, seasonal house made shrub, fizz, & lime.  $6.00

Current flavor: Blackberry

Tom Cruiser: gin, pear puree, & meyer lemon simple syrup.  $8.00

The Hunter S.: Adventurous Stills dark rum, nami cold brew, oat milk and chocolate simple syrup garnished with chocolate curls and cinnamon. $9.00