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About Green

Green is a 100% vegan-vegetarian restaurant that masters all favorite comfort foods and celebrates vegetables.  


Chef Damon Brasch has created a menu that is sure to please any palate whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore, there’s something at Green that will satisfy you.  The fare is New American Vegetarian, which is created and influenced by many different cultures and cooking styles.  


Striving for perfection, Chef Damon uses the freshest top-shelf ingredients and chooses organic and non-GMO whenever possible.  


We strive to make our menu with as many fresh ingredients and in house.  Our sweet treats are made with organic cane sugar and unbleached organic ingredients.  Green’s famous vegan tsoft tserve ice cream is handmade daily in small batches so we can be sure it’s always perfect.  The house-made veggie patty is hand packed, cooked to order and served on a freshly toasted bun.  


Green is a restaurant for everyone, not just vegans.  Chef Damon’s mission is to open the hearts and minds of meat eaters everywhere.


Green is Simple 

      Green is Fresh

           Green is Good

                Welcome to Green


"My grandfather and great grandfather built a house next to a lake. This was the house where I learned to cook. I was seven years old when my grandmother told me to go into the woods to pick fresh dandelion greens for her salad. This was where my hands first smelled of fresh garlic. Where the scent of baking bread intoxicated my senses and the hand rolled pasta made my mouth water. This is where I took the tomato off the vine and placed it into the pot and where we picked the cherries from the tree for the cherry pies that made the neighbors swoon to my grandparents’ house. This is where I fell in love with the asparagus and the artichoke and the arugula. This is where I learned to celebrate food. This is why I cook for you. And this is why I am Green." 

— Chef Damon Brasch

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